Massachusetts Democratic State Committee Activities

We are planning to introduce four petitions for platform amendments at the Democratic State Convention on May 13-14:
Discussion all week at
Final logistics teleconference: Thursday May 12, 9:00 PM, 605-990-0200 conference code 277593#
  1. Instant Runoff Voting - Petition Coordinator: Jesse Gordon (617) 320-6989
  2. Against the Iraq Occupation - Petition Coordinator: Bruce Taub (617) 529-7129
  3. For Voting Reform - Petition Coordinator: Ed Loechler (617) 543-8117
  4. Restoring the section "America and the World" - Petition Coordinator: Lesley Phillips (810) 394-1317
  5. Mass Scorecard - Informational Flyer coordinator: Katie Wallace (617) 461-4605

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