Eduardo Cardenas


Seeking your vote for Democratic State Committeeman,
Latino seat, at the April 17 election



          My name is Eduardo Cardenas and I would like to ask for your support in my bid to become the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee’s newest Latino member.


          As a long time Massachusetts resident and proud Democrat I look forward to helping the Democratic party live up to its potential as the strongest champion of cultural diversity, economic opportunity, environmental health and educational excellence for the people of this state.


          My recent work on behalf of the Howard Dean campaign and the Angus McQuilken campaigns has made two things very clear to me. First, that our political opposition’s shameless use of outright lies and scare tactics are, unfortunately, proving successful at the polls. Fortunately, however, the second thing that I have learned is that there are thousands of caring, intelligent, open minded and passionate people across Massachusetts who are simply itching to do great things for their state and for their country.


          Despite their devotion to the health of our environment, the protection of our civil liberties, the protection of women’s reproductive rights and their efforts on behalf of cultural diversity, most people don’t feel it necessary to become involved in the Democratic Party or in politics in general. I pledge to work as liaison and representative between the Democratic Party and the many organizations and individuals who continue to lead the way on the core issues that our party stands for. If we are to ensure our success we must show that we stand with The Union of Concerned Scientists, Planed Parenthood, the ACLU, GLAD and countless others so that their members will stand with us not just on election day but every day.


          As a Latino, and particularly as a Colombian, I have always taken pride in debunking the stereotypes that continue to plague our society. As an environmentalist, human rights advocate, peace activist and proud American Citizen I feel it is only natural that I am also a Democrat. I look forward to continuing the legacy of the Massachusetts Democratic Party as the Party of inclusion, protection and progress that I have come to believe in.


Sincerely yours,

Eduardo Cardenas