To:       Mass Dems Platform Committee

From:  Jesse Gordon, 1770 Mass Ave., #630, Cambridge MA 02140

            (617) 320-6989

Re:      IRAQ WAR

            March 10, 2005



I’m testifying today in support of strengthening the party platform’s stance against the Iraq War and against per-emptive war in general. I propose adding a section to Part XI (America and the World), entitled "Ending Pre-Emptive War":


“We denounce President Bush’s pre-emptive war in Iraq and we denounce pre-emptive war as a policy option. We call for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. troops from Iraq. We denounce President Bush’s war in Iraq as one based on misleading the general public, willfully lying to the United Nations, and manufacturing meaningless propaganda in the run-up to an unnecessary war. We applaud nations who stand against President Bush’s war policy.”


I believe that Massachusetts Democrats have a moral responsibility to take a strong stand against Bush’s war machine.