To:       Mass Dems Platform Committee

From:  Jesse Gordon, 1770 Mass Ave., #630, Cambridge MA 02140

            (617) 320-6989


            March 9, 2005



I’m testifying today in support of an anti-PATRIOT Act clause in the Democratic Party Platform.


An Action Agenda Amendment was passed at the 2003 Issues Convention and I believe its wording is perfect:


Under the section labeled "Short Term," [in the Action Agenda proposed by the 2003 Platform Committee], the last sentence read:


"We will petition our elected representatives in the Massachusetts Legislature and in the U.S. Congress to stand firm for our civil liberties and Constitutional protections at all times, including as they work to meet the threat of terrorism."


The Peace Amendment added the following sentence to the same paragraph:


 “Specifically we urge our representatives to seek repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act and defeat of the USA PATRIOT Act II.  Further, we urge them to repudiate the concept and practice of ‘pre emptive war’ as well as to affirm the US obligation to abide by legal restrictions on the use of non-defensive military force as mandated in the United Nations Charter.”


I support maintaining that Amendment, as well as the Action Agenda item to which it referred, verbatim in the 2005 platform. I note that this Amendment passed by acclamation of a large majority, and therefore it should become a permanent plank until the PATRIOT Act is repealed.