I propose for platform Part II, regarding education issues:

Full Funding.

We believe that communities should be allowed to experiment with alternative ways of educating their children, including home schooling and charter schools. As such communities should be allowed to experiment with new ways of improving education, including the user of vouchers. Such experiments should be especially encouraged in communities where public schools are clearly failing.

Quality Teaching in Smaller Classes.

We support efforts to improve the standing of the teaching profession in our society and deplore its weakening as this is undoubtedly contributing to the difficulties we face educating our children.

Student Loans and Higher Education.

We oppose unfair lending practices that prevent students from re-financing student loans to take advantage of lower interest rates. We call for a significant effort to replace loans with scholarships to avoid crippling young professionals with debth at the start of their carreers.
- Quinton Zondervan, Cambridge