I propose for platform Part I, regarding family issues:

Help for parents and children.

We support the creation of more part-time daycare solutions so that mothers and fathers can choose to work part-time. Current system is heavily tailored towards all or nothing: full-time day care or no day care.

Gender Equality.

We call for a greater recognition of the role fathers can play in the family and their need to balance work and family life. It is wrong to treat work-life balance as primarly a women's issue, if we are trying to increase gender equality! We will need to change the perception that childrearing is necessarily a mother's domain, as this belief remains firmly entrenched in the broader culture.

Older Americans.

We recognize that the current social security system has been bankrupted by congress and cannot continue as is without further contributing to the ever growing national depth. We are open to proposals for resolving this fiscal crisis in new ways that do not increase our national debth and do not significantly reduce future benefits.

Persons with Disabilities.

We call for additional effort to be made by communities to improve access to and use of public space, including parks, sidewalks and roads. Current methods of snow clearing remain inadequate.
- Quinton Zondervan, Cambridge