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January 22, 2005


Platform Committee

c/o Massachusetts Democratic Party

10 Granite Street

Quincy MA 02169


Dear Committee Members:


First of all, thank you for the important work you are doing for our party.  In my successful campaign for Governor's Council I emphasized my commitment to the Platform, and regularly referred people to it, particularly the provisions dealing with diversity, equal marriage, environmental justice, and healthcare.  I am so proud that among its commitments the Platform states unequivocally: "Our Party supports the creation of a single-payer health care system both in Massachusetts and in the nation in order to achieve the goal of universal health care."  I trust that your outreach efforts will result in some worthwhile revisions while maintaining the PlatformÕs character as a detailed statement of our vision and our plans.


1.   Format

In addition to the Platform, we have an Action Agenda which is more concise than the Platform.  Similarly, the Preamble to the Platform reflects the party's core values.  In this context, it is essential for the party to have a more detailed, weighty document.  The Action Agenda may be our ensign, but we are in choppy waters and need ballast to keep moving forward.  The Platform is our ballast.  I recommend, therefore, that we should retain the Platform's current format.






Yours faithfully,





Peter Vickery

Governors Councillor (8th District)