The need for specificity in the Democratic Party platform

We oppose any effort to remove specificity from the state Democratic Party’s platform.

We feel that the fundamental goal of a party platform is to be a resource for candidates and the public alike – to inform themselves on the party’s position on the important issues of the day. 

We also feel that it is important to remember why we call such a document a “platform” in the first place.  In everyday language, a “platform” is a physical structure comprised of planks, sufficient in number, and strong enough in character, to create a base that people can stand on.

Clearly, such a metaphor did not get adopted into the political sphere by accident. 

Democratic candidates running for office should have a resource to quickly find out what position the party has taken on any given issue. That resource is the party platform.    It is important for the party be clear and specific so that people will know exactly where the Democrats are on the key issues of the day: gun control, gay marriage, a woman’s right to choose, the budget deficit, war, and so forth. 

We feel strongly that the party should not try to shirk this responsibility.  Avoiding clarity and specificity in an effort to avoid controversy will only lead to defeat.  Democrats must stand for something.  People have a right to know what it is. 


- Sam Seidel, Cambridge