Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform Committee

March 5, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

We are testifying in support of modifying the platform plank on Guns and Assault Weapons (Part VI).

Democrats are often accused of being opposed to gun ownership, when in effect many of us are opposed to irresponsible gun ownership. To clarify this position, we suggest adding the following text to the plank:

"We support the right of responsible citizens to own guns for sport and for self defense."
Clearly there are legitimate uses of guns in our society. We allow policemen and even private security guards to carry them. It makes no sense then to claim that we are against gun ownership. On the other hand, the Democratic Party should be very clear that it is the right of communities, cities and states to make sensible gun laws that meet their local requirements for maintaining peace and safety.

Thank you for considering our opinions.