Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform Committee

March 5, 2005

To Whom It May Concern:

We are testifying in support of modifying the platform section on Families and Individuals (Part I).

Because we are both still at the beginning of our careers, we perhaps see the social security debate in a slightly different light than those who are further along in their careers. While we oppose the President's current proposal, we do agree with him that Social Security is in trouble due to the peculiar way in which it was originally funded. Specifically, we propose the following text be added to the plank on "Older Americans":

"We recognize that the current social security system will not be able to pay out benefits at the current levels if left unmodified until it is time for people in our age group to retire. We are open to proposals to resolve this fiscal problem in new ways that do not increase our national debt and do not significantly reduce future benefits."
Solving the Social Security problem is important, as the Democrats cannot be seen as simply stonewalling on this issue. An even more challenging problem is Medicare, which the President has not even chosen to address in his current push for reform.

Thank you for considering our opinions.