I'd like to see a concise, clear, simple summary ("Executive") document that sits in front of the platform stating what we believe in and why. I'd like us to define an overall framework as suggested by George Lakoff ("Don't Think of an Elephant") from which our principles and values hang. Then we can outline goals and actions that emanate from the principles and values. And on to the platform and its details. This would mean a document with three parts: summary of beliefs, principles, and values; goals that stem from them; and a platform with its details.

I believe we need all three parts, or some arrangement of this information. I've never seen the Democatic platform but that many pages is daunting. I need a few pages to draw upon when I'm writing letters, holding meetings, and talking with people. A simple, clear document that is consistent and one we all draw upon.

Francie Nolde