n      for potential inclusion in the 2005 Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform


Lee Mintz February 28, 2005



[1]  We strongly and emphatically endorse Clean Elections;

[2]  We endorse Instant Runoff Voting (IRV);

[3]  We demand comprehensive free television and radio time for qualified political candidates;

[4]  We support a Right-to-Vote U.S. Constitutional Amendment;

[5]  We strongly condemn efforts at voter intimidation, vote suppression, and
felon disenfranchisement, especially those efforts targeting African-Americans, Latinos, other ethnic groups, and low-income voters;

[6]  We support the abolition of the Electoral College, in favor of a new one-person, one-vote direct voting system for U.S. Presidential elections (that are now heavily tilted against voters in the more heavily populated states);

[7]  We call for the prohibition of no-paper-trail secret-proprietary-software electronic voting devices, in favor of encouraging and supporting only such electronic voting devices that are operationally transparent, that inter alia produce verifiable --  and re-countable  -- paper records, and that meet the highest and most stringent public standards of security and reliability; and


[8] We recommend that election redistricting be conducted by a new separate

independent objective and reliable group constituted for this purpose, to avoid

the actuality or the appearance of self-interested political redistricting on the part of

elected incumbents.