To: Mass Dems Platform Committee

From: Jesse Gordon, 1770 Mass Ave., #630, Cambridge MA 02140

(617) 320-6989


March 1, 2005


Im testifying today in defense of the Accountability Amendment, which passed 60% to 40% at the 2003 Convention. The Accountability Amendment calls for the party to keep a scorecard of how every legislator voted in comparison to how the party platform recommends voting. The Accountability Amendment calls for the party to publish the scorecard every April for the previous years legislation. I would like to see the scorecard implemented by the party this year and I would like to see the Accountability Amendment made a permanent part of the party platform and the party charter.


The party leadership has not fulfilled their obligations on the Accountability Amendment. A convention vote is the highest authority in the Democratic party, according to the party charter. Therefore, the Democratic State Committee and the party leadership are obligated to implement the scorecard as the Convention voted to do. The party leadership has been slow-moving at best and obstructionist at worst in implementing the scorecard. Myself and others involved in introducing the Accountability Amendment created the website after numerous delays by the party leadership, well beyond the deadline called for in the Accountability Amendment. That website explains in detail the process the party leadership took in avoiding implementation.


It is time to make the Mass Scorecard an official document of the party. The website demonstrates that it can be accomplished. The Accountability Amendment has the support of the majority of the convention delegates. It is now a full year past the deadline, and the party has still produced nothing. It is time to get it done.