March 8, 2005


Part IV: Economic Growth, Jobs & Security

"We support initiatives that invest in the education and skills of the working men and women of the Commonwealth. We are aware that one out of three workers in this state need additional education and/or skills to maintain their employment in today’s changing economy. We recognize the challenges faced by employers trying to recruit a skilled and educated workforce; and faced by workers applying for living wage jobs who lack requisite education or skills. In the face of a global economy and advanced technology, workers need ongoing education and skill development and job training. We support increased public and private funding for business and labor to address the Massachusetts education and skills gap."

[Rationale: As noted previous, in today’s economy, skills training alone is often not enough to enable workers to transition from obsolete or low-demand or low-wage employment to gainful and sustainable employment. Workers may need to complete coursework that prepares them for skills training, or may need to complete coursework that prepares them for the demands of the job itself. Any policy which speaks to the need for training should also address the need for access to education.]

"We seek to help welfare recipients successfully find and keep jobs that pay a living wage and that offer decent benefits."


Thank you for your consideration of my suggestions.




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