March 8, 2005


Part II: Education, Training, and Opportunity

"We strongly support legislative and budgetary policies which enhance the availability and accessibility of academic and vocational education and training for adult workers, and which can help prepare low wage and displaced workers for a successful transition to jobs that pay a living wage and decent benefits."

[Rationale: The ability to earn a living wage is fundamental to the wellbeing of families; it impacts access to housing and health care, and affects the ability of parents to support healthy child development. Increasingly, workers with limited education and training are unable to earn a living wage in todayís economy. There are few, if any, short-term, low-cost training programs that prepare workers to transition from low-skill, low-wage jobs to higher level employment offering decent pay and benefits. Oftentimes, the ability to enroll and succeed in a credible training program depends not only on a participantís ability to pay for that training, but also on his/her having more education than many low wage workers have completed. Access to academic classes is therefore a prerequisite to enrollment and successful participation in the kind of training that will enable them to sustain themselves and their families.]


Thank you for your consideration of my suggestions.




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