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It has occurred to me that Dean was elected DNC chair through grassroots

efforts and on a mandate to empower the grassroots, and the DSC's charter

amendments do the opposite of that, pushing the MA Democratic Party in a

direction of consolidated power, so there is a disconnect between what the

state party is doing and what I perceive Dean to be trying to do. The DSC

is acting like a company CEO who insists on micro-managing everything. I

remember one of the speakers on Saturday talking about the need for

outreach, yet the hoarding of power by the DSC is not conducive to the

party growing organically, being welcoming of new people. (Jesse, you

were alluding to this with the DSC seeing Reich and his people as a threat

rather than a source of new people and ideas to reinvigorate the party.)


Could Dean somehow be helpful to us?


As we interact with the DSC and work to make it a more open, democratic,

and progressive institution, it could be useful to point out that the

grassroots activists need to play an active role in the party in order for

it to grow and win campaigns, and the DSC's desire to prevent "outsiders"

from having any control over the party will alienate people who would

otherwise build the party and ultimately make it harder for Democrats to

win campaigns.


On a side note, it occurred to me that perhaps I should not be posting

this to an open list lest the insiders are lurking and figure out what we

are trying to do, but then I realized that I would be doing the very thing

that the DSC is doing--being destructive in a desire to be in control.


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