From: Mary-Ann Greanier <mgreanier@...>
Date: Sat May 14, 2005  8:15 pm
Subject: Re: PDS: A Convention Report

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Thank you, Jake for the convention report (and I'm sorry about your
car). I think it's pretty obvious that the Massachusetts Democratic
Party has decided that they simply will not allow any more dissent
among the rank-and-file, and they are willing to lie and cheat and
act without ethics, integrity, or scruples to get that done. This is
just one more leg on their long march toward becoming Republican

There is obviously a move afoot to make the Platform and Charter as
flaccid and impotent as possible (I use the masculinist language
advisedly). There is some great courage lacking among mainstream
Democrats, I fear. Or worse, some willingness to acquiesce to the
oppressive powers in Washington --- some variation on the Stockholm
Syndrome under which certain Democrats are laboring that makes them
want to appear more like the Republicans than not.

Whatever the cause of the dis/ease, the symptoms include a particular
form of osteoporosis (the loss of backbone), a draining out of
lifeblood (progressives looking for another party), and some strange
psychological anomaly that includes a pathological need to cause
oneself harm.

So, it sounds like the Convention was just one more move on the part
of the DSC and MDP "leadership" to disempower the People (and all
this while Howard Dean looked on). Meanwhile, George Bush advances
his tryanny every day without any effective opposition from the
Democratic Party. After all, if we're not willing to support and
defend the planks of the Democratic Party Platform, how can we be
expected to take a bullet for the Constitution? Or even endure a
hangnail for it? The Democratic Party -- to paraphrase Edward R.
Murrow -- is nothing more than a sword rusting in its scabbard during
a battle for survival.

I must admit, I haven't had a taste this bad in my mouth since Phil
Johnston's coronation in December.

What now, comrades?

Mary-Ann Greanier