From: Brad Johnson <bgjohnson@...> Date: Sun May 15, 2005  9:41 am Subject: Re: [pdama] What happened?

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       >> Can anyone give the 30,000 foot view what happened yesterday? A lot of > us on the floor were "WTF???????". This was NOT democracy in action! > > >



Enough signatures (over 500) were collected to bring to a vote the platform amendments on ending the Iraq occupation and supporting hand-counted paper ballots. The DSC threw out enough signature sheets on technicalities (missing SSDs, usually--if one signature was "bad" they could throw out the entire sheet of 10 signatures) to claim the voting integrity amendment wasn't properly submitted. They pushed through the Iraq occupation amendment, and then got the new platform accepted on voice vote.


Several people signed up to comment on the charter amendments, but the DSC got around that by first calling for a vote to extend the convention by two hours (since the interminable speeches by the platform committee ate up all of the working time), which as they intended, failed. So all discussion was closed off.


The DSC then called a voice vote to approve the charter amendments, which failed, but the chair claimed it succeeded. Catcalls forced him to call for a second vote. He called for a standing vote (which is not an acceptable method of voting according to the rules) which he again claimed succeeded. A motion was made from the floor to call for a roll call vote. That vote failed, and the convention was adjourned.


The charter amendments are pretty bad. The most significant changes the party's open meetings rule ("All Party meetings at all levels shall be open to the public") to a secret meetings rule (all meetings may be closed by a two-thirds vote). The DSC members terms have been made 4 year instead of 2 year, they only have to meet 4 times instead of 6 times, they don't have to do work if they claim finances don't permit, opposition to their actions by convention delegates now have to pass by a two-thirds majority, and other bad changes.



Again: the open meetings rule has been now changed to a secret meetings rule.


I guess what's good for Dick Cheney is good for the Massachusetts Democratic Party.