From: "Ungerleider Pirie" <ibis6@...>
Date: Sat May 14, 2005  8:58 pm
Subject: RE: A Convention Report

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Sorry you got a double whammy today!


Thanks for all your hard work, heads up and take charge attitude, and great sense of humor. And thanks for the summary. I think you ought to polish it slightly and send it into the Journal or the News as an op ed. I’m serious. Maybe also a condensed version as a letter to the Globe?


Somebody pointed out as we were leaving that the scorecard effort had really spooked the powers that be and they were not going to let THAT happen again. Democracy at the MA Democratic State Convention,? let people be heard? have a deliberative process? have a process at all? perish the thought!


Speaking of the scorecard…as I leafleted for it, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Only two people gave me a snarl and accused me of being divisive, or worse, a Republican spy. One young woman at the YDA table said she worked at the State House and used it all the time! Another person told me that she had been very opposed at the last issues convention, but would take the flyer because now (after today’s embarrassing display) she thought she’d like to give it a second look.


The irony of having Howard Dean, Ted Kennedy and others talk about unity and values while the heavy hand of the party apparat was at work behind the scenes was a little hard to take.


Alex Pirie