Whereas the actions of the United States of America in Iraq show that the United States wishes to establish permanent military bases in Iraq, in violation of Iraqi sovereignty;


Whereas more than 1600 US soldiers have been killed, thousands of US soldiers wounded, and untold thousands of Iraqi citizens killed, wounded, or made homeless in the continuing conflict in Iraq:


Whereas more than 150 billion dollars have been spent for the Iraq occupation and, over the next year, the continuing occupation will take at least an additional 81 billion dollars away from priorities at home;


Whereas our occupation of Iraq fuels the insurgency, which prolongs the destruction of Iraqi communities and infrastructure;


Whereas our military is being drained of its capability to respond to crises in other parts of the world;


Therefore be it resolved that the Democratic Party of Massachusetts


         Supports our troops,


         Opposes the continued military occupation of Iraq,


         Urges the U.S. government to announce a timetable for the rapid withdrawal of its military forces from Iraq,



         Calls for the U.S. government to reject plans for a long-term presence in Iraq, except for those associated with normal diplomatic relations and a commitment to reparation for war damage.


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