Jesse Gordon for Democratic State Committee

I'm seeking your support for a seat on the Massachusetts Democratic State Committee. I'm running for a two-year term to represent the Second Middlesex and Suffolk district. The election occurs via your Democratic Ward and Town Committee meetings in February and March. I'm asking you to attend one or two meetings so that I can work towards opening up the Democratic Party to people like us.

The Democratic State Committee (DSC) is the decision-making body of the Massachusetts Democratic Party. The Mass Dems claim that they want to attract newcomers to the Democratic Party and to the political process. I believe they are sincere, but incapable of achieving that goal. To keep the Democratic Party vibrant and open, people like you and me need to be constantly added. If elected to the DSC, I will work on issues like:

I have been criticized by Democratic Party members for every one of my actions above. Join me in changing the Democratic Party from a party that merely mouths its support for bringing in newcomers, to one that actually accomplishes that.

My district includes Belmont, Watertown, North Cambridge, West Cambridge, Allston, and Brighton. If you reside there, you can vote in your Town and Ward Committee for attendees to the election conference on March 13. If you reside elsewhere, you can help by contacting people in those places, or by donating so I can send out mailings. There are no donation restrictions for this race (it's an internal Party race).

I will post details on my website,, about the time and place of your Town and Ward Committee meetings, and about the process for this election. You can also read there details about all of the points above. You can call me at (617) 320-6989 or write to at any time. You can mail donations to 1770 Mass Ave. #630, Cambridge MA 02140 - you may make out the check to Jesse Gordon or to the US Postal Service.

Issues that Jesse has worked on

These are the issues that I have worked on which would be relevant to the Democratic State Committee. If you like what you see here, your support will let me do more of it as a DSC member!

Anti-war activism

I oppose the PATRIOT Act and I oppose the US involvement in Iraq. I was active in the anti-war movement before the war, and will continue to press for Democratic opposition to Bush's war efforts. I co-authored and managed the campaign to pass a "Peace Resolution" against the PATRIOT Act at the 2003 Massachusetts Democratic Issues Convention. Working with a chapter of United for Justice and Peace, we succeeded in including the following Action Agenda addendum to the Massachusetts Democratic Party Platform:
[The Massachusetts Democratic Convention] urges our representatives to seek repeal of the USA PATRIOT Act and defeat of the USA PATRIOT Act II. Further, we urge them to repudiate the concept and practice of 'pre-emptive war' as well as to affirm the US obligation to abide by legal restrictions on the use of non-defensive military force as mandated in the United Nations Charter."
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Environment and Development

I work professionally on environment and development issues, and hold a Master's degree from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government in environment and development. My employment is with Perot Systems Government Services, where I work on government contracts in this area. My current projects include writing the Watershed Action Plan for the Massachusetts North Coastal watershed, and reporting on fishery statistics for the Atlantic Coast recreational fish catch.

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Science and Technology policy

I believe that the Internet is the most powerful tool ever for democratization and for increasing popular political pariticipation. To that end, I provide free website services for Democratic City Committees such as:

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Opening the Political Process

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People for a Livable Cambridge

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Send me e-mail; I promise to write back! Mail
Or send me a SASE and I'll send you reprints.

Jesse Gordon, 1770 Mass Ave., #630
Cambridge, MA 02140
Voice mail: (617) 320-6989

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